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All about Shapes and Measurement

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Math may seem intimidating for some, but this is definitely not the case for the Kindergarten YM students. They look forward to having Math class each and every day!

For the month of November, we focused on shapes and measurement.

First off, they described and sorted the different shapes.

20191127_151237 20191127_151225 20191127_151230 20191127_151234

The kids also formed shapes using toothpicks. It was so much fun to do!

20191127_151146 20191127_151137 20191127_151154


After learning all about the shapes, we used them to make different things. Shapes are truly all around us.

20191127_151205 20191127_151216

Aside from shapes, we practiced measuring length and height using nonstandard tools. We used a variety of classroom materials to measure everything around us.


We even measured and compared our heights! We got to know who the

20191127_125616 20191127_125806 20191127_124557 20191127_124847 20191127_125322

Using different materials really make Math much more enjoyable and interesting. Looking forward to many more fun activities that help us learn new knowledge and skills.

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