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Learning All About Plants in Science

Science has always been an enjoyable subject for the Kindergarten students. They get to find things out by doing fun experiments. This quarter, the kids have been learning all about plants.

They learned what a plant needs by doing experiments using seeds, cotton and soil. They observed how plants grew more when the seeds were planted in the soil rather than in the cotton.

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After making their observations, they wrote down their answers in their notebooks. This helped them remember details when the class discussed the results of the experiment.

20200120_122905 20200120_122934 20200120_123022 20200120_123043 20200120_123559Their observations lead to discussion on how the soil may have different vitamins and minerals that make the plants strong. The needs of a plant like water, air and sunlight were also talked about in class.

Aside from its needs, the class also found out the different needs of the plants. The fire in the Amazon was a great way to open the discussion on why plants are important. Through this situation, the kids were able to understand how plants clean the air we breathe.

The students also pointed out how plants are great sources of energy. Eating plants keep us strong and healthy. This encouraged them to eat more fruits and vegetables. Some proudly shows their healthy food during snack time and lunch time.

Finally, the kids see how plants make the world a more beautiful place. They observed how flowers and other kinds of plants decorated the school and its surroundings. To further emphasize this, they were able to make their own terrariums that they happily brought home.

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Learning about plants was a great experience for the kids. I’m sure their next Science lesson will be an enjoyable one, as well!